You are the one who can send a connection request to your therapist, to protect your privacy, the therapist cannot find you if you do not have a connection.

From the practice or institution where you are receiving treatment, you will receive the name or QR code of your therapist.

If you do not know the name or cannot find the therapist, please call your practice or institution.

Send connection request:

  • You are logged into the app
  • Tap 'Contacts' tab
  • Tap '+ Add'
  • Search for the first or last name of your therapist.

Use QR code:

  • You are logged in to the app and have a QR code from your therapist
  • Tap 'Contacts' tab
  • Tap '+ Add'
  • Tap 'Scan QR code'
  • Scan or upload QR code