To have calls and chat with your therapist, you need to have a connection with them.


Usually, the therapist will call you, and you can wait for the call.

To see the call coming in when your phone is locked, make sure to allow notifications in your phone settings for the NiceDay app.

  • Tap 'Contacts' tab
  • Tap the name of your therapist
  • Tap phone or camera icon at the top right corner.


During a call, tap:    you can use the NiceDay app during the call to fill in an exercise.


  • Tap 'Contacts' tab
  • Tap the name of your therapist
  • You can send text messages in the text field
  • Tap '+' to send photos or PDF files to your therapist.


Connection request

Don't know the name or can't find the therapist? Call your practice or institution.

  • You are logged in to the app
  • Tap 'Contacts' tab
  • Tap '+ Add'
  • Search for the first or last name of your therapist

NB: Want to see old chat conversations? Click 'Archive' in the Contacts tab.