The final section in the bottom menu of the NiceDay app is "Profile". Here you can find and edit your personal information and adjust your settings. 

6.1 Edit personal information

  • In the top half of the screen you will be able to see your profile picture, name and bio
  • The bottom half will indicate your date of birth, place of residence, gender and email address.
  • Tap the pencil on the right side of the screen to edit your details. When you have finished editing your data, you can click "Save" at the top right of the screen to save your changes.
  • You cannot change your email address. If you would like to change your email address send the NiceDay Team a message or email them at and they will help you further!

You do not have to enter your date of birth, place of residence and gender if you do not want to. Your bio can also stay empty and a photo is not required. First and last name and email address are mandatory.

6.2 Settings

If you tap the cogwheel in the top right hand side of the screen, you will see a number of options. 

  • You can read our privacy policy, terms and conditions and our software licenses.
  • You can turn your notifications on or off using the slider. (Note! You must also have given NiceDay permission to send notifications in your phone settings)
  • You can also give permission for your data to be used for research, also by using this slider.
  • You can see the version of the app you are using. Check with the NiceDay Team for the latest version or check the App / Play Store, so you know if you need to update the app!
  • You have the option to restart the app. Do this if the app is not working properly, or if the connection is not stable during (video) calling.
  • You can also log outhere. 
    • Click on "Log out". You will get a pop-up asking if you are sure you want to log out. If you want to log out, click on "Okay". If you do not want to, click on "Cancel".
You may want to delete your profile. It is not possible to do this yourself. Send the NiceDay Team a message or email them at They will delete your account and all your data as soon as possible!