You may have been introduced to NiceDay via a GGZ institution (for example PsyQ / Synaeda / I-Psy / SineFuma / MET ggz / Mondriaan). In that case you will have already been assigned to a professional.

  • Go to the "Support" section in the bottom menu of the NiceDay app.
  • Tap  the plus sign (+) sign at the top right to send a connection request. Tap the search bar and search for your professional.
  • Click on your professional. You will now be able see his / her profile.
  • In the middle of the screen it will say: "Send connection request". Click on this. You will now see a pop-up saying: "Are you sure you want to send a connection request?" If you are sure, you can click "Okay". If you have the wrong professional, you can click on "Cancel". This means that the connection request will not be sent.

Do you receive quit-smoking-coaching at SineFuma? Then the above steps also apply to you!