The second tracker you can find under the menu item "Track" is the "Step count". The pedometer gives you insight into the amount of steps you have taken, or close you are to reaching the goal you have set.

Before the NiceDay app can give you insights on your step, you must set up your pedometer. The NiceDay pedometer synchronizes with the pedometer on your phone. To do this you need the following:

  • Android: Install Google Fit on your phone. Without this app, it is unfortunately not possible to use the pedometer.
  • iPhone: give the "Health" app access to your step sensor. This way you can activate the pedometer!


3.2.1 Setting a step goal

With the pedometer you can also set a step goal, so how many steps you would like to reach per day. 

  • Tap on the cogwheel at the top right of the pedometer. 
  • Turn on the slider next to "Set goal". 
  • Click on "Steps per day" and enter the number of steps you want to make per day. 
  • Click "Save" at the top right and then click "Save" at the bottom. 
  • Your phone will now track when your goal is reached!